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Family Law Includes Child Custody and Support Arrangements

Family Law Includes Child Custody and Support Arrangements

Getting divorced involves many elements, including child support and child custody. In Arizona, child support and custody are dealt with handily by statute.

Child support statutes outline who must pay the support, the amount of that support and when that payment must be made. Another rule is that the person who has custody of the children receives the support payments. That may seem like a no-brainer to you, but the statutes are very specific in this.

There are also guidelines when it comes to determining how much support is to be given. The Arizona Child Support Guidelines are used by the judge to calculate the amount and it is fairly complicated.

The state has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act that most other states accept as law. The authorities use this to not only put the best interests of the child first but to avoid conflict. The two types of custody are legal and physical custody. If you have legal custody, it means that you have the right to make life decisions for the child. Schooling, and religious upbringing are the two main issues that are dealt with in this type of custody.

Physical custody defines whom the children live with and where they reside most of the time. Of course, both of you can have custody making this a joint custody arrangement. Under this type of custody, both of you get to make major life decisions for your child. If the child lives with one parent and you are granted visitation rights, you may not be involved in making those life altering decisions for your child.

Getting legal advice on these issues of family law are vital and understanding your rights as a parent is extremely important to you and your child.


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