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Making Co-Parenting Work After a Separation or Divorce

Making Co-Parenting Work After a Separation or Divorce

Studies show that co-parenting works best when both parents are cooperative, respectful, and manage their emotions. Children will adjust more readily to their new family situation if parents agree to the shared parenting.

One thing to be careful not to do is criticize your ex-spouse in front of your child. Often a child will take the negative and apply it to himself. Remember that your attitude can influence the feelings of love for himself and you. Co-parenting must be focused on the child and his needs and not on the adults involved. A successful co-parenting situation can happen only when both parents set aside their personal needs and wants in favor of the child they both cherish.

Your co-parenting arrangement must take into consideration the child’s age and activities as well as the career and personal commitments of each parent. In the case of infants, the primary care (depending upon the circumstances) may remain with the mother. As children age, it is beneficial for them to be with both households and enjoy the parenting of both parents. The co-parenting often adjusts as they grow older and their activities change.

A very important aspect of co-parenting is having a positive form of communication. Each parent should have access to the child’s schedule and activities so they can participate fully as a parent. Use that communication in whatever form works for you both to discuss the needs of your child without contention. It is always better to discuss and solve your issues together than turning it over to the court system.

Listening to your child becomes even more important in a co-parenting situation. They may want to express their opinion about their schedule or the house rules. It is essential that you listen and give your child the opportunity to talk about all the changes in their life. As time goes on, other changes may occur that affect the co-parenting time sharing. Be flexible and considerate of your child and your spouse as these changes occur.

If you have questions about life after divorce or handling your divorce in the best interests of your children, please get in touch with the Arizona divorce lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys. We are here to answer your questions and help you feel comfortable with the divorce process.

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