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Legal Help to Navigate the Adoption Process

Legal Help to Navigate the Adoption Process

Arizona families choose to adopt a child for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever the motivator or situation that led to the adoption, though, it will definitely be a decision that alters the course of you and your loved ones' lives forever.

Outside of the decision to adopt, there could be difficulties and legal complications relating to the adoption. This is where Arizona Family Law Attorneys can help. We have experience with the mediation and litigation of complicated adoption problems, and we want to help you resolve your adoption dispute in the best way possible for all parties involved.

Adoption cases are as unique and varied as the different Arizona families they involve. Some cases involve a stepparent who wants to adopt a stepchild. Such cases can become more complicated if there is a desire to terminate the parental rights of a biological parent -- which could happen involuntarily or voluntarily on the part of the biological parent depending on the nature of the situation. Other cases might involve a grandparent who wants to adopt his or her grandchild. A grandparent adoption may be necessary, for example, if the grandchild was abandoned, orphaned or in danger while under the care of his or her biological parents.

Private adoptions are another kind of issue where legal difficulties can arise. For example, perhaps you and your spouse have found a baby that you wish to adopt and you need to negotiate the adoption agreement with the birth mother and father. This may include negotiations relating to living expenses, medical expenses and legal paperwork from an adoption agency. Foster care adoption of a child under Child Protective Services care is another common scenario, which we can help facilitate.

Arizona residents who are considering adoption may want to evaluate all of the adoption options available to them. Those who have an interest in taking on the permanent care of a child may be surprised that there are different ways to go about the process, and different legal avenues by which to achieve the same goal.


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