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Major Points About Divorce in Arizona

Major Points About Divorce in Arizona

When getting a divorce, it is always wise to familiarize yourself with the laws of the state of Arizona. Knowledge is power and knowing what the statutes say can be very empowering. Read the following and you will have a good general idea of some of the major points.

You need to know that there are certain laws that govern property and assets. If you and your spouse have property that you purchased together, then it can be split up by a judge. However, if there are assets that you inherited or got before you were married, that property is revocable; it can be held back from the divorce proceeding. The interests of the two people getting a divorce can be severed in any property and can be transferred to a tenancy in common.

If you and your spouse become equally responsible for a debt that you both received together during the marriage, a copy of the divorce decree must be sent to the address of the entity that you both owe. You can, of course, have it delivered, but most times a return receipt will do.

You need to be very detailed in the list of assets and debts that you have, because all of it must be noted by the court. Even if it is yours, you need to be able to prove it with back-up documentation. You can begin to see that you may need a family law attorney who is entirely familiar with the laws of Arizona.

If your spouse or one of his or her relatives has been appointed as a trustee or executor, he or she can be made to give up that duty because of the divorce.

Getting a divorce is never easy. You may want to contact a lawyer who can answer your questions and can assist and guide you through the divorce process.

Source: Arizona Statutes, "14-2804 - Termination of marriage" accessed Feb. 05, 2015


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