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How To Adopt a Child Living in Another State

How To Adopt a Child Living in Another State

Parents adopting a childSometimes children who are available for adoption find permanent families living in other states. The adoption process can reach across state lines; the first step for all prospective adoptive parents is to obtain an experienced family law attorney with experience in interstate adoption.

Begin by obtaining a home study. A home study is a thorough investigation, including an interview process conducted by a social worker. It involves in-person interviews, reference checks, background checks, and visits to your home. The home study is not standardized. It can vary from state to state as well as from agency to agency. In most cases, the home study will take approximately 3-6 months to complete. If your adoption is going to be finalized in Arizona and you are not closely related to the child, you will need to be certified as acceptable to adopt by an Arizona Superior Court.

In an interstate adoption, prospective parents must comply with the adoption laws of their state while also complying with the laws of the sending state or the state where the child lives. The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) is responsible for approval of the child’s transfer across state lines. They will not allow you to return home until parties comply with the law of the sending state. The ICPC is an organization that does not work directly with families, but works with your adoption attorney.

Do not fear interstate adoption or let the supposed difficulty of adopting across state lines prohibit you from providing a child with a home. There are children right now waiting, hoping and praying that today will be the day that they will have a permanent, safe place to call home. If you are ready to choose to include a child in your family and love them, you are ready to start the interstate adoption process.

For guidance and assistance in navigating the interstate adoption process, contact the experienced family law attorneys at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.

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