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Call in an Attorney When Family Law Is an Issue in a Divorce

Call in an Attorney When Family Law Is an Issue in a Divorce

When you get a divorce, it involves so much more than just separating from your spouse. There is the distribution of debt and assts, child custody, and other issues. It is often stressful because chances are you aren't getting along with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. How will all this affect your new life? That can be truly scary.

A good lawyer, like the ones at Arizona Family Law Attorneys, will communicate every step of the way. We can take out the anxiety and the help you understand that this is not an ambiguous process. We guide you through the entire course of action and help you make life changing, good decisions.

Arizona is a community property state. This means that any property or assets that were gained during the marriage have to be evenly divided. Even if the name of the deed is yours, you may still have to share it with your spouse.

How will the marital home and other real estate be divided? What about pensions and investments or your retirement? Happily, we have years of experience dealing with this type of experience and we can make sure you get what is rightfully yours.

Another issue is child custody. There are two types of custody: legal and physical custody. Legal custody allows you to make all the decisions about your child, such as what health care they receive, what school they go to and what their general welfare will be. Physical custody defines where your child will live. It will also outline the amount of parenting time each of you will get.

In Arizona, the move is toward shared custody, which means both of you get equal time. New legislation, effective in 2013, states that all parenting will be 50-50 unless one parent can prove why that must not happen.


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