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Top 3 Tips for Protecting Your Children During Your Divorce

Top 3 Tips for Protecting Your Children During Your Divorce

One of the primary goals of any good parent is to protect their child from harm; both physical and emotional. Sadly, this becomes particularly difficult during the process of divorce. Children of all ages are very sensitive and can become aware of the undercurrents brought on by a divorce or an impending divorce before parents are even sure where the problems are heading. Consider implementing these steps to help lessen the negative impact of divorce on your children.

  1. Never use your children, under any circumstances, as pawns in your divorce. This should go without saying, but too many innocent children are not shielded enough from the divorce process. Too often, parents, who are under distress themselves, bring their children into the matter and attempt to “turn them” against the other parent. Sometimes this is done in a purposeful attempt to gain influence on the settlement, but many are doing it inadvertently. Divorce is a time of high emotions and if parents aren’t careful, they’ll start parenting by their negative emotions instead of keeping their child safe from emotional harm by assuring them that they aren't the reason for nor do they hold any responsibility related to their parents’ divorce.
  2. Communicate honestly with the children. Don’t pretend nothing is happening. Lying in an effort to protect your child from divorce simply leaves them with no one to talk to about it. It’s a well-intentioned attempt at protecting the child, but it’s not a good idea.
  3. Stay calm and civil with your ex-spouse. It’s very easy to lose control of your emotions in the process of divorce. It’s normal. But it’s very important that you try not to expose your children to emotional outbursts. It can leave them confused and unnecessarily traumatized.

At Arizona Family Law Attorneys, it’s our intention to resolve Arizona family law matters in a way that offers protection to the innocence and emotional health of your children. If you are considering divorce or if you need assistance with another Arizona family law matter, get in touch. We want to help.


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