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Top 3 Adoption Profile Tips

Top 3 Adoption Profile Tips

Have you ever heard of an adoption profile? If you have, it’s quite likely that you are a prospective adoptive parent. You might know the adoption profile by another name: family profiles, parent profiles, dear birthmother letters, adoption profiles, adoption portfolios, etc. Those responsible for perusing these documents agree that the adoption profile (refer to it how you would like) is one of the most important elements of the adoption process. You can network and market your heart out, but if your adoption profile is lukewarm or forgettable, you’ll have a hard time seeing results from your efforts. If you’d like to make your adoption profile stand out from the stack, consider these tips.

3 Adoption Profile Tips: Stand Out From the Pack

#1 – Be Genuine

#2 – Photographs and Captions Have to Reach Out and GRAB the Reader

#3 – SHOW, Don’t Tell

Most individuals and couples considering adoption assume that the adoption profile’s purpose is to present information about themselves. That is one of the purposes of the adoption profile, but not the most important. You also have to present the big picture – what life would be like for the adopted child in your family/home. Do this while being completely sincere and honest – and you’ve just created a genuine adoption profile. Don’t be scared to mention that your family has a large dog because you might “turn someone off.” This line of reasoning is going to result in a lackluster profile that a lot of birth parents will think is fine. That’s not your purpose. You aren’t playing a game of who can be the most popular. You want to really connect or stand out to just a few expectant parents. Share who you are with them so they will recognize you as the “one” when they see you.

Photos and captions on the first page of your adoption profile are often the determining factors regarding whether or not the expectant parents read the profile at all. You want them to read it – so make sure those photographs and accompanying captions are great. Make them representative of who you are and what your family and home would be like for the adopted child.

If you aren’t sure how to show rather than tell…think of it as the difference between a list of facts and a story that provides an overall picture of the family. Tell your story. It’s much more likely to make a connection than simple facts alone.

Your adoption profile is important. It’s one of the earliest steps in the adoption process. Do your best to start off on a good note by utilizing the above tips. If you have other questions about the adoption profile or other aspects of the adoption process, please get in touch with the adoption lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.


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