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5 Things You Need to Know About Adoption in Arizona

5 Things You Need to Know About Adoption in Arizona

Mother with adopted child

If you jump online and simply search for “adoption” you will be bombarded with advertisements, popular websites with the ability to post and respond to ads for adoption, etc. Please take your research a few steps further before responding to this type of online activity. In every instance it is best to be in touch with an experienced adoption attorney if you are considering adoption – regardless of whether you are considering it as a birth parent or adoptive parents.

Talking to an experienced family law attorney will help you to enter the process with a complete understanding of your rights as well as your obligations as either the birth parent or the adoptive parent.

Some states require a waiting period, but in Arizona consent for adoption can be signed as soon as 72 hours have passed since the time of the child’s birth. The consent, once signed, is irrevocable unless it was signed under duress, undue influence or fraud. In Arizona, the birth mother is the decision maker even if she is under 18 years of age. Arizona recognizes the mother’s consent to give her child up for adoption. The only exceptions would be if her parental rights were taken away or she was deceased. If the birth father was married to the birth mother in the 10 months prior to the birth of the child or if the mother names his as the father, his consent for the adoption is also required. (In the event that the birth mother was married in the 10 months preceding the birth, the husband’s consent is required to give the child up for adoption even if he is not the biological father). Adoptive parents need to be certified as able to adopt. An exception to this rule is found in step-parent adoptions. If the other parent is alive, they must give their consent for the step-parent to adopt unless their parental rights have already been terminated voluntarily or involuntarily.

If you need information regarding adoption or other family law matters, please get in touch with the experienced lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys. We will be able to provide you with much more detail after hearing the specifics of your case.

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