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Legal Tips: Divorce for Guys

Legal Tips: Divorce for Guys

No matter how many divorces we handle, it’s still a top priority to treat each case individually. There’s no cookie-cutter divorce for guys or girls and that means there’s no cookie cutter advice, but divorce tips for guys start with being aware of the overall legal landscape of your divorce.

Think Before you Move Out!

Some guys really want to do anything they can to keep the peace and too often they assume that moving out is the only way to do that. This could be a bad move – leaving you at your spouse’s mercy regarding visitation with the children and legal decision making (previously known as child custody). If you can be reasonable and cooperative, then there’s no reason you should move out. Before you make this type of decision, consider the advantages and disadvantages in relation to both marital finances and child custody/legal decision making. Sometimes it is best for the higher income earner to stay in the house with their spouse – discuss the details of your case with your lawyer.

Consult with a lawyer ASAP

Have a few consultations with a couple different experienced family law attorneys so that you can gain a bit of perspective. Visiting with a few different attorneys regarding your situation will help you distinguish between lawyers who are there to sell you and those who are actually there to help you.

Beware of Lawyers Selling You a Dad Bias

This is a huge tip for Dads in search of an Arizona divorce attorney. Be very careful of lawyers who try to sell you on the bias against dads – urging you to act quickly and be outrageously aggressive. They are appealing to your illogical, emotional side for one reason only: to get you to retain them.

Don’t Go Cheap!

If you go cheap – you’ll get cheap. It’s a hard concept to accept, but it’s also one of the most obvious tips you’ll receive. Take the advice. You get what you pay for.

Communicate with Your Lawyer

Hiring a great divorce lawyer isn’t enough unless you keep the lines of communication open. Stay in touch and communicate!

Keep The Kids at the Center of Your Attention

You’re going through a divorce so it can be difficult not to be a little self-focused. But it’s very important that you remember to keep your kids at the center of your world right now. Think about what works for them. When it comes to child custody/legal decision making, parenting time, visitation, etc. it’s all about what’s best for them.

Don’t Lie About Your Finances

One of the biggest pits a guy can dig when getting divorced in the one that is created when you lie about your finances. It’s going to be discovered and it’s going to look very, very bad. It can cast you in a negative light across the board and hurt your case.

If you need additional help developing a strategy for your divorce case, contact the Arizona divorce attorneys at Arizona Family Law Attorneys today.


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