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Top 8 Newborn Adoption Essentials

Top 8 Newborn Adoption Essentials

If you are adopting a newborn, you already know how exciting it can be. Your method of letting that excitement out into the world may be to over-prepare, but if not, you could find that your excitement acts as more of an inhibitor to action than a catalyst. If this is the case and you fear that you aren’t preparing for you newborn adoption as thoroughly as you expected, you might want to try making a list of essentials. Start with a list of newborn adoption essentials. The list may vary and, in reality, yours could be very different than the example provided, but this will provide you with a good starting point if your sheer elated state at the prospect of bringing home your adopted newborn has stopped your preparations in their tracks.

Top 8 Newborn Adoption Essentials:

  1. The Always Handy Pack N’Play: When you are adopting a baby, you might not know if you’ll need to travel out of town for the baby’s delivery. If the baby is born out of state, you may find that you need to stay in a temporary location for an extended period of time. This makes the Pack N’Play the perfect first crib.
  2. An Assortment of Bottles: It’s difficult to guess what your new baby will prefer when it comes to the bottle. Some babies are picky, but others are not. In case you have a picky baby, it’s best to have several options of different types of bottles on hand so there will be minimal fuss if one or two is refused. If you end up without a picky baby, they’ll probably be fine with all of them. So there’s no harm in being prepared with options.
  3. A Formula Mixing Pitcher: Adopted infants mean a lot of formula. The most efficient way to mix formula is with the use of a formula mixing pitcher or similar tool. Time saving tools are a must for parents of new babies.
  4. Formula Storage Containers: Unless you simply enjoy carting around the large canister of formula, be prepared with small, portable containers for formula when you’re ready to venture out of the house with your newborn. Just keep them filled and packed up with bottled water in your diaper bag.
  5. A White Noise Machine (or White Noise App on Your Smartphone): Some babies that have a really difficult time sleeping will find certain “white noise” extremely helpful.
  6. Diaper Bag or Bags: Some prefer to have one diaper that sticks with the newborn wherever they may go, but you may find that a diaper for Mom and a diaper bag for Dad is a better idea. Discuss it and figure out what works best for you and make the necessary preparations.
  7. Your Favorite Swaddle Wrap: If you don't know what a swaddle wrap is, talk to a recent mom and get a few good recommendations. A swaddle wrap is great for “holding” your adopted newborn close even when you need your hands free. Since this is an important aspect for bonding with the adopted newborn, you will want to have the option available as soon as you come home with your adopted baby.
  8. Baby’s Bouncing Chair: The bouncy chair for baby is a classic for a reason. They are lifesavers when nothing else seems to work.
Having run through the list of newborn baby essentials above, you’ve probably already realized a couple you’d like to add to your own list and remove from this one and that’s the entire point. If you need assistance determining how best to prepare to adopt a newborn in Arizona, please get in touch. At Arizona Family Law Attorneys we are ready to assist you.

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