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Waiting to Adopt & Preparing to Be a Parent

Waiting to Adopt & Preparing to Be a Parent

Because the adoption waiting game can be quite long, here are a number of things you can do to prepare for parenting your newly adoptive child.

  • Update your health insurance. There could be a waiting period before coverage for your adoptive child becomes effective.
  • Make out a will. Update your will to include your child from the day he or she is adopted and include the name of a guardian.
  • Find out about your company's "adoption leave" policy. Determine if you can have leave with or without pay.
  • Locate a pediatrician. Check with friends and family to get a referral. If adopting a foreign-born child, search for a doctor that has experience. Location and your insurance plan must be taken into consideration.
  • Explore childcare. The most recommended childcare centers usually have waiting lists so add your name.
  • Take a new-parent and/or CPR class. Your adoption agency or attorney can recommend one in your area.
  • Read books about parenting and adoption. Get recommendations from other parents.

In addition to the practical preparation, there are many more enjoyable things to do as you wait for your new addition.

  • Choosing a name. Your child may already have a given name and you may chose to keep it, use it as a middle name or chose an entirely different name.
  • Spend time with other adoptive parents. Meeting and visiting with other adoptive parents is an excellent way to become familiar with the life of adoptive parents.
  • Learn about your child's birth culture. When adopting a child from another country, it is helpful to learn a few words of their home language and have CDs or children’s videos from their birth country.
  • Prepare your baby's bedroom. Preparing your child’s new room can become quite involved so you may want to begin planning.
  • Shop for baby clothes and products. Once you know the sex of your new addition, you can begin to gather necessary clothing and basic items.
  • Spend time on yourself and on your spouse. Now is the time to enjoy your alone time with your spouse because once the baby/child arrives your lives will never be the same.

If you need additional information on adoption or preparing to adopt a child, please get in touch as soon as possible with the experienced adoption attorneys at Arizona Family Law Attorneys.


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