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Baby Showers for the Adoptive Parents

Baby Showers for the Adoptive Parents

It is fairly traditional for friends and loved ones of someone who is getting ready to have a baby to throw them a “baby shower.” The baby shower is a time to celebrate the coming arrival (or in some instances the recent arrival) of a little one into the life of someone you love. It’s a time for smiles and laughter, gift giving and camaraderie. And it’s no different when the baby who is “coming soon” is adopted.

How to Throw an Amazing Adoption Baby Shower:

  1. Keep the focus on the baby – don’t get distracted into focusing on the adoption. The majority of adoptive moms want to be treated like any other new mom. They want to be excited, have their loved ones fuss over them, offer them loving advice, and share in their joy. Adoptive moms want their loved ones to be just as excited for their baby as they would be if they were nine months along with a biological child. Keep this in mind when you are planning an adoption baby shower for someone you care about.
  2. Sometimes surprises can be lovely, but in the case of an adoption baby shower, discuss the timing with the adoptive parents-to be. Some will prefer the baby shower to occur prior to the baby’s homecoming, but others will prefer that it take place after the baby’s arrival. The timing of the shower would need to take into account the child’s needed time for adjustment to their new, normal routine. The child does not need to be present at the shower if it would be too overwhelming for them to handle.
  3. Baby shower invitations are an important element of the party. Be careful of the wording you use. For instance, do not refer to the baby as an “adopted baby” or “adoptive child.” To the new mom, her baby is her baby. She doesn’t see her “adopted baby.” She sees her baby. Try to reflect this in every element of the baby shower.
  4. Remind the new mom to register. Adoptive parents might not register because of the information requested that they do not have available such as, due date, etc. Many find it easier to register once their baby has arrived since they will have a better idea of what they need and what sizes will be best for the baby.
  5. Remember this is a celebration of a new family member – it’s not actually about the gifts. Sometimes adoptive parents have so thoroughly prepared for the day their baby comes home that they don’t actually NEED anything. Don’t think this means they don’t need a baby shower, though. The baby shower is about the excitement and the celebration! Even if you know they have all that they need…consider throwing them a huge, fabulous shower anyway. They’ll revel in the loveliness of having friends and family celebrate their new arrival along with them.
If you need additional information about handling the adoption process, please get in touch with the experienced adoption lawyers at Arizona Family Law Attorneys. We can help you find the answers you need.

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