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 3 Tips on How to Build a Healthy Relationship Between Potential Adoptive Parents & Expectant Mother

3 Tips on How to Build a Healthy Relationship Between Potential Adoptive Parents & Expectant Mother

The process of building a relationship with both parties can be interesting on the emotional scale all the way from excited to nervousness. This can be a tricky process and sometimes conflicts can arise because of all the emotions in the air between both parties. This can be compared to marriage in an odd way because you are essentially making a lifelong commitment.

Here are a few simple tips to get you started.

  1. When you first meet one another – it can be a tad awkward.

To avoid the awkwardness, try meeting up for a fun bonding activity, rather than just for coffee or food. This will avoid staring at each other across the table with random awkward silences. Instead, try to meet up for pottery, go to a cooking class together, etc.

  1. Approach needed conversations with confidence.

There are some topics that may feel uncomfortable to discuss but the truth of the matter is they need to be brought up. A perfect example is creating a strategic plan for when the baby is born. Have you discussed if the potential adoptive parents are able to be in the room during the birth?

Another example is: Will the expectant mother be the sole decision maker for naming the baby or will the Adoptive Parents be allowed to have any type of input with the name?

Getting comfortable with talking about uncomfortable topics is always a good rule of thumb.

  1. Openness.

It is important to have clear expectations on what both parties expect from each other so that you can make sure the pathways of communication are clear. It is normal to have a lot of conversations arise between each other before the birth and not much convo afterward since the Adoptive Parents usually get busy. Having open communication at the beginning of your new relationship bond will usually ensure a healthy relationship.

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