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If you or your spouse want to dissolve your marriage, you have the legal right to file for divorce for nearly any reason, including something as open-ended as “irreconcilable differences.” While it might be difficult to prevent a divorce for this reason, it is not necessarily difficult to delay one. When you and your soon-to-be-ex cannot agree on a significant aspect of your divorce terms, it becomes a contested divorce and the entire matter can be extended months or longer.

If it looks like your divorce is going to become contested, why not call (480) 418-0840 today and speak to our Phoenix divorce attorneys? At Arizona Family Law Attorneys, we always put our clients’ needs and best interests at the forefront and focus of our practice, keeping everything personal and professional. Contact us today to learn more about your rights as a divorcing spouse in Arizona State.

Matters to Consider in a Contested Divorce

Many divorces in Arizona end up as contested, not because people want to make it difficult for their spouses but rather because they are deeply and personally invested in the outcome. In many ways, your divorce is arguably more important than your marriage, as it involves how your life will be stabilized after an unforeseen complication. Everything from where you are allowed to live to how much of your own wages you get to keep each month can hang in the scales during a divorce. Make certain you can rely on the legal team representing you.

In a contested divorce, you may have to fight for your best interests involving:

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Your Mind

Contested divorces are often labeled by the media and entertainment industry as negative, awful battles between two spouses. We cannot stress enough that there is no reason to be ashamed or worried if your divorce becomes contested. All it truly means is that you are passionate about how your family and personal life will continue after your divorce finalizes. It does not mean that you were unprepared for your divorce, and it certainly does not mean that somehow you and your ex are worse people for it. Take the opportunity of a contested divorce as it is: a chance to ensure that your interests are represented and respected during your divorce.

Prepare for the Road Ahead with Our Help

Not only should you be happy and satisfied when your divorce finalizes, but you should also be financially stable. Our Phoenix divorce attorneys can be the legal guides you need to succeed in your contested divorce. The first priority on your to-do list is making certain you are comfortable and understand every step we take and process we implement during your divorce.

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