Arizona Family Law Attorneys are committed to the best interest of your child. If you’re on the brink of a custody battle, we understand how emotionally-charged and daunting the experience can be. We believe this process shouldn’t have to cost you your peace of mind. We’re dedicated to the child custody areas of family law, because we firmly believe that a strong legal plan for your child’s custody leads to more happy families and children.

How Do Arizona Courts Determine Child Custody?

Establishing child custody determines the primary caregiver of a child when the child’s parents are not legally married or living together in a domestic partnership. Distinguishing formal custody of a child is one of the most important processes a set of parents will undergo. A stable upbringing and parental relationship are crucial for the best interest of any child.

The child’s safety comes first. If one parent is deemed unfit to be a caregiver, Penal County law will legally not permit that parent to have sole or majority custody of the child. If both parents are mentally, emotionally, and financially stable, secondary factors will decide the parental custody ratio. A child’s age and sex can help determine with which parent they should spend the majority of their time. Everything relates back to where the child will be happier, best provided for, and most secure.

Do Finances and Wellness Affect Child Custody Decisions?

Mental, physical, and financial stability of each parent is an essential determining factor of custody. If a parent is severely mentally ill to an extent which affects their ability to provide for their child, they will likely be deemed ineligible for having full custody. Physical handicap can play just as large of a role. If a parent is medically ill in a way that disables them and makes it hard for them to care for themselves, Arizona State court may deem them unable to properly care for a child full-time, as well.

Both parents’ lifestyles determine custody eligibility as well. If a parent travels frequently for work or has a demanding professional schedule, they are often away from home too much to properly care for their child. The child’s age will determine how present the parent must be in their day-to-day life, but a lifestyle that encourages frequent absence is unfit for a young child’s best interest. Every individual has a unique set of needs, it would be impossible to list every qualifying characteristic of what it takes to be a good parent. This is why it’s crucial to connect with an experienced lawyer, who will consider every aspect of you, your child, and your co-parent’s lives.

Are Child Custody Decisions Very Different from Case to Case?

Phoenix family law attorneys are skilled in child custody cases. Every child, every parent, and every family is different. Granting custody will greatly impact a child’s life regardless of which parent is deemed best to have the majority of the custody. Divorce and parental separation proceedings determine a child’s well-being for the future. Trust a team of lawyers focused on family law that will attentively consider all aspects of your case and find the best possible outcomes for you and your family. We provide a free case evaluation to every prospective client and promise to provide the highest quality of legal counsel available in Penal County and the state of Arizona.