If you’re filing for divorce in the state of Arizona, trust a lawyer from Arizona Family Law Attorneys to help ease the burden of the process. Divorce is just as complex as the two individuals involved. It can be one of the most difficult processes an adult face in their life. It can be emotionally-charged and daunting to begin the process. Our lawyers are compassionate and will personally attend to the unique conditions of your case. Every divorce is different. In a best-case scenario, a divorce may only take a few months. But complicating factors can make filing for divorce lengthier and more difficult to navigate. As always, it’s best to consult with a lawyer to ensure you’ve properly executed every step of the process.

What Is The First Thing I Need To Do To Get Divorced?

The first step to filing for divorce is to consult an attorney. Our team has over a decade of experience serving the Phoenix, Arizona, region and has skillfully assisted many couples in the process of separating and divorcing. Only a divorce attorney is qualified to give legal counsel. They can tell you if what you’d like to accomplish is possible under Arizona State law and can find the best legal methods for achieving your desired outcome of the divorce. This is nearly impossible to accomplish without the help of a divorce attorney.

Under Arizona State law, you must file a petition for divorce. A  Phoenix law firm focused on family law will ensure these papers are formally served to your spouse, be acknowledged, and be signed within a court-mandated period of time. This is the first step to filing for a divorce.

What Are The Most Important Things To Decide During A Divorce?

Arizona State court will address the most pressing issues first. If a divorcing couple has children, the couple must decide on their custody terms and conditions moving forward. These conditions must be approved by the court and proven to be in the best interest of the child. Deciding who stays in the family home and who leaves is another decision commonly addressed at the beginning of the marriage. These immediate issues are addressed in what is referred to as a temporary order hearing. These issues will be addressed in court if the couple cannot decide on mutually beneficial terms.

Next, divorcing couples must disclose their income and other financial information. Any assets, investments, or securities must be disclosed to a judge. This is another aspect of divorce that should not be handled without a lawyer. Improperly disclosing financial information can lead to court sanctions.
After all necessary information is disclosed and the couple has legally agreed on custody terms and asset allocation, the divorce will undergo a final hearing. This typically includes either a testimony from both parties’ legal discourse or arguments from attorneys.

Do I Need Legal Representation To Get A Divorce?

It’s crucial to be accurately represented by a qualified divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer from Arizona Family Law Attorneys can advocate on your behalf in court and ensure you have a bright future ahead. We have helped clients throughout Penal County and the surrounding area, and we can help you. Don’t be scared to begin filing for divorce. With the right attorney by your side, you will not undergo the process alone.