A termination of parental rights is a process that permanently and legally terminates a parent-child relationship. In other words, the termination of parental rights removes an adult’s responsibility to take care of their biological child in every capacity—medically, financially, etc. Every state has different contingencies for determining the grounds for termination. At Arizona Family Law Attorneys, the best interest of the child comes first. There is a series of steps to execute before you can legally adopt a child. If you or a loved one are seeking to adopt a child in need, one of the first steps is to legally terminate the parents’ parental rights.

In order to successfully adopt a child, the biological parents of the child must, of course, consent to the termination of parental rights. This is typically is not complicated. However, biological parents do have every right to object to the termination. In many unfortunate situations, parents are unfit to care for their child but refuse to accept it as truth. If you believe an individual is unfit to parent, consult with a lawyer. If the parent falls into any one of the categories below, you may be able to legally terminate their parental rights and adopt the child in need.

What Factors Constitute Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights?

Some parents are simply unable to provide a safe home for a child, which can mean they have a debilitating illness that affects their capacity to provide proper care. Sometimes, the situation is as simple as the parent not maintaining good contact with the child.

Every state has different laws, but if a parent is severely mentally ill and has a demonstrated history of being an incapable parent, it may be simple to prove they are unable to properly care for their child. In some cases, there exists a serial history of physical abuse to the child, which certainly proves the child is in danger.

Is Substance Abuse Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights?

There are extreme cases where parents may have drug and alcohol problems that affect their ability to properly care for a child. It’s possible that these parents are unwilling to give up the rights to their child. If the parents do choose to contest the termination, the adoption process may be impossible. Don’t panic—Arizona Family Law Attorneys has a team skilled in this area of law, especially as it applies to Penal County.

Many characteristics can deem a parent unfit to care for a child—it may be impossible to name them all. Generally, if a parent is unable to provide adequate food, shelter, and medical care, they are deemed incapable of properly parenting.

What If A Child Is In Danger In Their Current Home?

Arizona state fights for the best interest of the child, every time. If you believe a beloved child in your life is exposed to any kind of risk due to poor parenting, consult with a family law attorney in Phoenix as soon as possible to fight for the rights of that child.

Arizona Family Law Attorneys are highly skilled in these situations and can provide family law counsel that applies to your specific situation. We understand that good people get stuck in tough situations, and when the well-being of a child is at stake, you’ll stop at nothing to do what’s right. No matter where you are, from Penal County to all across the state of Arizona, we’ll advocate on your behalf as the prospective adoptive parent and fight for your right to protect the needs of the child.