Divorce is never easy. Custody proceedings can often become a battle. But, as a mother, Arizona Family Law Attorneys wants you to know we will fight to protect your right to your child. If you’re worried about your ability to see your child as a repercussion of a tough divorce or custody battle, turn to our team of attorneys. Mothers have a wide range of legal privileges to their children that cannot be relinquished due to divorce. You can trust our team to defend your custody and visitation rights while demonstrating your aptitude as a parent.

How Would Arizona Family Law Attorneys Preserve My Rights as a Mother?

Mothers and fathers are typically given equal consideration in the eyes of the law regarding custody and divorce proceedings. If you are fearful your rights to your child may be in jeopardy, our family law attorneys in Phoenix will advocate on your behalf. Lawyers are compassionate to these situations and are skilled in navigating their complexities. Mothers’ rights encompass your right to make important life decisions for your child and your right to spend quality time with them.

What Should I Do For My Best Result In A Divorce Case?

As a mother, your goal is to maintain an active presence in your child’s life, always. Our lawyers will assist in your representation to ensure your abilities as a mother are not called into question. We will fight for you in court and stop at nothing to demonstrate your capacity to care for your child. We understand how hard these situations are. With a trusted family law attorney, you can rest assured knowing you have the highest standard of counsel advocating for your presence in your child’s life. Only a qualified attorney can negotiate visitation terms and represent you adequately before a judge. These situations can seem scary but remember you don’t have to face them alone.

If you receive child support from the father of your child and feel that it’s an inadequate amount, our lawyers will fight to earn you the compensation you deserve. Sometimes, child support proceedings are improperly executed, leaving holes in the documentation that doesn’t sufficiently disclose the father’s income. If you are struggling to support your child financially and believe your child support stipulations must be amended, Arizona Family Law Attorneys are well-equipped to help. As a mother, you’re entitled to fight for proper compensation on behalf of your child. We can provide support every step of the way to ensure you receive adequate monthly child support payments.

Who Can Help Me Defend My Rights As A Mother?

As family law attorneys with a demonstrated history of success, we’re proud to work with Arizona moms who are struggling to feel represented in their child’s lives. You shouldn’t have to fight alone. We understand how daunting and intimidating it can be to face this challenge and fight for yourself. We pledge to educate you on your rights as a mother, as well as attentively address your concerns for the present and future care of your child. What’s important to you is important to Arizona Family Law Attorneys.