Is There a Waiting Period to Remarry After My Arizona Divorce?

If you’re in the process of getting a divorce in Arizona, you may wish to remarry soon after your divorce is finalized. Most states have varying laws and legal rules that deal with this instance, and you must always ensure you follow them carefully.

First, it may seem simplistic, but you must always wait until the court legally finalizes your divorce before you enter a new marriage. Until your divorce is actually and lawfully final, you are still married to someone else. This would be considered bigamy and is illegal in all 50 states.

Even if the Arizona court legally separates you, you cannot remarry until your divorce is finalized.

That said, once your marriage is legally ended and the court finalizes your divorce, you have no waiting period to marry again. So, you can remarry any time after your first marriage legally ends.

To be clear, all states differ as to a “waiting period” to remarry, but in Arizona, the question is moot, and you could remarry the same day your divorce is finalized.

Of course, every divorce and the associated circumstances differ, but there’s good news for divorcees looking for another partner. Current statistics show us that almost eighty percent of divorced people remarry. Nearly six percent remarry the same spouse, and the prospects of remarrying do not decrease as you get older.

However, if you plan to remarry after your divorce, it’s always wise to discuss this prospect with your experienced Phoenix divorce lawyer before your divorce is complete. If anything is legally concerning, your lawyer will get ahead of the matter and always provide the best advice and guidance possible.

Then What is the “Cooling Off” Period In An Arizona Divorce?

Usually, many signs, emotions, and stresses occur when your marriage is falling apart, and you might find it tempting to rush into a divorce. Family tensions and emotions are at an all-time high, and divorcing might end this agony.

However, in Arizona, there is a mandated rule to encourage you, and your spouse, to stop and think before you hastily end your marriage. By doing so, the state tries to slow down any decisions influenced by an emotional response and give your marriage another try.

For this reason, the Arizona legislature (which covers all marital & domestic relation statutes) imposes a 60-day waiting period. This time begins on the date a divorce petition is legally filed. Hopefully, you and your spouse might use this time to your advantage to ensure that you’re making the right decision or attempting to reconcile your differences.

You and your empathetic, thorough, and professional Phoenix divorce lawyer can also make good use of this time to scrutinize all aspects of your divorce, should you decide to continue on that legal path.

How Can My Lawyer and I Make Use of This “Cooling Off” Period?

You should note that this “cooling off” period is primarily designed to give you and your spouse some breathing room so you can re-evaluate your decision to end your marriage. However, if you decide to proceed with your divorce, you and your professional Phoenix divorce lawyer can use this time to your advantage.

For example, you may wish to revisit or do the following:

  • Gather all pertinent financial documents –  Such as your assets, debts, income, and expenses. This information is vital when dividing property and assets and calculating spousal maintenance (soemtimes called alimony) and child support.
  • Prepare for your court appearance or trial – If you have a contested divorce, you can use this time to practice explaining your side of the story and how to combat any hostile questions, etc.
  • Resolve disputes with your spouse –  Use this time for your lawyer to negotiate settlements of any issues, such as child custody, visitation rights, asset distribution, spousal support, etc.
  • Preparing yourself for life after your divorce – You can make plans for yourself and your children for this new and permanent change to your lifestyle. It can be especially fruitful in preparing your children for what is coming and how it will affect their lives.

You can constructively use this time for many things, even if you plan to move forward with your divorce. You can also be assured that your professional divorce lawyer’s advice and guidance in these matters (and more) will be invaluable.

What Are Some Other Facts I Must Know About Arizona’s Divorce Statutes?

First, you must realize that each divorce case is unique, and Arizona divorce laws can also be extraordinarily complex. That said, your professional, experienced, and thorough Arizona divorce lawyer will always inform you how these laws can be used to your best advantage.

However, there are numerous frequent questions you must know the answer to before filing for your divorce, such as:

  • What are the rules and requirements for filing for divorce in Arizona?
  • How long will my divorce take to finalize?
  • Approximate costs involved with my divorce.
  • What arrangements are made for my children after my divorce?
  • How does Arizona calculate child support and spousal support payments?
  • How are our property, assets, and debts divided in an Arizona divorce?
  • And More…

These are all examples of critical questions that you must answer before you finalize your divorce. Of course, due to the unique nature of every Arizona divorce, many other issues need to be discussed and resolved. You may only be aware of some of these questions before you start divorce proceedings. This is why you must consult with and receive the help of a qualified, thorough, aggressive, and knowledgeable Phoenix divorce law team.

Your lawyer will mention the usual questions and the ones that may not even initially occur to you. Enlisting your qualified lawyer’s help will ensure you can start your new life in the best way possible.

I Plan On Remarrying After My Arizona Divorce; How Should I Proceed?

First, life is too complex today to go through this process alone. Enlist the help of a qualified, professional Phoenix family lawyer specializing in divorce and all this life-changing event means to you and your children.

The experienced divorce lawyers at the Phoenix-based Arizona Family Law Attorneys will provide you with a unique, successful, and empathetic approach to this stressful yet necessary event. Call them today at (480) 268-9393 and get the legal advice and expert guidance you must have. You are taking this step to enrich and improve your life; ensure your future by having a professional and aggressive team with you every step of the way.