The Support Payment Clearinghouse is run by the Arizona Department of Economic Security, and ensures that all support cases are managed successfully.  In Arizona, spousal maintenance and child support payments use the clearinghouse to process and record all payments. Payments are made to the clearinghouse either directly or through a wage assignment. The clearinghouse will record these payments, process them, and distribute them. This is helpful as it maintains a record of all payments to avoid any future confusion about what has been paid. Wage assignments are usually done through an employer and will automatically deduct your payments from your paychecks. Regardless of whether you pay your obligations manually or through a wage assignment, you have a responsibility to keep track of all payments that you make, and to make sure that your obligations are being paid.  Mistakes can happen even with automatic deductions, so it is vital to keep track of payments you make for your own records. The clearinghouse charges a handling fee of $8 per transaction. You can make payments online or direct deposit through the clearinghouse website.

When orders are issued they will provide you an income withholding order that goes directly to your employer. It may take a little bit for payments to begin so we recommend always staying on top of what exactly is owed. Any and all past due payments will be tracked along with interest applied. Be sure you are making timely payments to avoid interest. An atlas number will also need to be set up for your account to begin turning in payments.

Shawnna recommends using this service as it really does a great job of keeping track for both parties so there is no discrepancies. She recommends if there is a discrepancy to always go back through the log and check for any errors or mistakes. Check out the video below from Managing Attorney, Shawnna Riggers.