Don’t let the process of filing child support intimidate you. With the right legal help, you’re guaranteed to receive the monthly child support payment you and your child deserve. There is a multitude of factors that affect the amount of money a parent can receive monthly. It’s a number based upon each parent’s financial standing, their monthly income, and, of course, the needs of the child. It’s always beneficial as a parent to be aware of the steps involved in processing child support. Family law attorneys have compiled a list of determining factors for child support monthly payments, so you can begin the filing process equipped with adequate knowledge of what to expect.

How Does Arizona Determine the Amount of Child Support I Can Receive?

The state of Arizona will always put the best interests of your child at the forefront of any complex legal matter, including child support.

The principal factor in deciding monthly child support allocations is the parents’ gross income and the disparity in income between both parents. Child support payments are adjusted to account for how much time the child spends with one parent versus the other. If the child spends a large percentage of time with the mother, the father will likely have a higher cost of child support to pay every month. This is to account for how much money the mother likely spends being with the child all time. This is called the ratio of parenting time.

Child-care expenses also determine how much money a parent must pay monthly to support their child. Daycare or other similar education expenses can be costly and should not have to burden just one parent. If a child is enrolled in a care facility or has out of pocket school expenses, a properly executed child support plan will account for this.

Are Child Support Payments the Same for All Children?

In addition to day-to-day expenses, child support payments should be adjusted to suit the individual needs of a child. Every child is different and different ages have different financial requirements. A qualified child support attorney will take the time to understand you and your child’s unique needs to ensure they are reflected in your child support plan.

It’s important to consult with a lawyer at every step of the child support process. In addition to the parenting time ratio, child-care expenses, and day-to-day expenses of any child, there are tax credits and dependent child reductions that play a role in child support law. Tax credits and dependent child reductions can be harder to understand than the other factors of your child support plan. Family law attorneys will provide accurate and helpful legal counsel to make certain that you understand the scope of the law.

How Hard Is It to Establish Child Support?

Child support must be based on accurate financial information, which can be more difficult to acquire than it seems. If there’s even a slight discrepancy in your financial documentation, the amount of child support you must pay could be drastically overinflated. Conversely, if your co-parent provides underreported financial information, you may not receive a fair and accurate amount of monthly compensation. No matter where you’re located, in Penal County or elsewhere in Arizona, consult with our child support lawyers today for advice and more information.