A custody issue between parents can be one of the most complex factors of divorce and family law proceedings. It’s an emotionally-charged recourse for both parents and the child or children involved, as well. The well-being of a child is always at the forefront of any custody battle. Custody and designated parenting time greatly impact a child’s future and emotional well-being. Arizona Family Law Attorneys are compassionate and skillful child support lawyers. We understand how challenging, stressful, and sad it can be to navigate a custody situation.

Are Child Support Guidelines Always the Same?

State and federal mandates require Arizona State to review its guidelines for child support every four years. This is why it’s extremely beneficial to consult with a lawyer that helps clients with family law who is trained and knowledgeable in child support law and who stays informed as laws change.

Whether you are a divorced parent or an unmarried parent, we can help. We provide end-to-end solutions for every kind of modern family, so you can focus on what’s most important: your child’s well-being.

Where Do I Begin with the Child Support Process?

The first step is to open a case. Every state’s process looks a bit different. You will need to gather important documents in order to apply for child support. You will need the child’s birth certificate, as well as both parents’ social security numbers. You will need documented evidence of both parents’ most recent employer, as well as the paperwork proving your established paternity.

For some parents, establishing paternity is the next step in the child support filing process. When two adults are not legally married but have a child, paternity must be established before you can apply to receive child support. The state of Arizona has the Hospital Paternity Program (HPP) that functions as a partnership between the Department of Child Support Services and Arizona’s hospitals. The intended purpose of the Hospital Paternity Program is to provide paternity establishment services for unmarried men and women, immediately following the birth of their child. Because of the Hospital Paternity program, many Arizona couples have paternity established the day their child is born; however, every child’s birth is different. If a child was born in another state or even another country, paternity may not be legally established at birth. This is an important step in the child support application process. Mothers need legally documented proof of their child’s father in order to request child support payments.

The next step is to establish a court order. This is a court-mandated order that sets the legal terms and conditions of the child support payment schedule and amounts to be paid.

Is the Child Support Process Difficult to Complete?

Creating a child support agreement requires attention to detail and thorough consideration of the child’s best interest. It’s important to hire a lawyer to assist with your child support case because there must be a solid agreement in place that can be adhered to properly by both parents so that the process of paying and collecting child support can be as smoothly executed as possible. At Arizona Family Law Attorneys, everything is in the best interest of the child. We ensure every child support agreement lays out clear and concise terms for payment so that there’s no room for interpretation, and, therefore, no lack of adherence to the terms. Only an experienced team of family lawyers can properly execute this plan.

Your attorney can help with the child support documentation process and later assist with advocating for your custody of the child. You need a trusted team who will stand by you in Gila County or elsewhere in Arizona, ready to get you a fair outcome. By teaming up with a lawyer from Arizona Family Law Attorneys, you’ll have a legal partner for every step of establishing support for your child.